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We at Rochem pride ourselves in being world leaders in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning systems. Our success comes from our experience in every aspect of gas turbine and process compressor cleaning and our rigorous testing of all our products. Everyone at Rochem whether at executive level or shop floor knows that every product that leaves the factory must be no less than 100%. That is why anyone involved in the manufacturing process can at any point reject a nozzle if there is any suspicion of it being any less than 100% thus providing piece of mind to our customers.

A comparison between the GE System and the Rochem Nozzles:

Reasons to choose Rochem Fyrewash Systems:

The design and installation of the nozzle system is crucial to the success of any cleaning system. If the nozzle system is wrongly designed and/or located cleaning results may be very poor regardless of how good the cleaning solution is or how many washes are carried out. Even more important is the possibility of physical damage to compressors from the incorrect injection of cleaning solutions and rinse water.

In this regard please note the following:

All of our nozzles systems are manufactured and tested in-house to a rigorous safety and quality assurance programme.

Product Gallery:

Here you can see some photos showing a small selection of the types of nozzle systems that we design and manufacture for on-line and off-line compressor washing.

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